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Hub Folding Box offers an FTP server for those clients who would rather use an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program to send files via the internet. This requires a to fill out a CLIENT LOGIN APPLICATION on the client login page to be allowed to access our server.

Hub Folding Box FTP is recommended for those who are on a fast (ISDN, T1) connections when sending large files which are over a couple of megabytes. Those on dial-up access are able to send files this way but this process may take a considerable amount of time to upload a file that is large in size.

Attention MAC users: All files uploaded to our server must be stuffed or somehow compressed (BINHEX preferred). Since our server is a Windows NT server this insures file integrity upon receipt.

Maximum file content approximately 500 MB.

Please confirm transmission date and time by e-mail or internet form whenever you send material so that we may promptly download and purge from site.

If you are having trouble logging in please email