Hub Folding Box Company is honored to have been the recipient of many prestigious awards within the printing industry during the past few decades. Most recently, HUB won “The Family Business Award for 2019” for Large Businesses in Massachusettes. Hub was one of nineteen finalists selected for this honor out of over 200 Family Businesses. The FBA Awards recognize the importance of family businesses in the state of Massachusetts and the critical role these companies play in providing significant employment opportunities, revenue generation, as well as economic development and growth in their communities, the state, and the region. The DiRico family was touched by this award since it represents a century of family values, commitment, trust, excellence, success, perseverance, innovation and expertise. 

Recipient of the following awards:

2019           Family Business of the Year Award for Large Businesses in Massachusetts
2018           Package Printing Package of the Year – Diageo, Crown Royal Texas Mesquite
2018           Gorton's Quality Supplier Award
2018           Package Printing First Place – Diageo, Crown Royal Blender's Mash
2017           Family Business Award for Large Businesses in Massachusetts
2017           Gorton's Outstanding Vendor Award
2017           Gold Leaf Awards – Silver, Inniskillin Jackson Trigg's
2017           NJPEC Marketing Impact Award – Smucker's Milkbone Package
2016           Gorton's Vendor of the Year Award
2015           Family Business of the Year Award for Large Businesses in Massachusetts
2015           Quality Excellence Award for Top Suppliers for Outstanding Performance from Diageo
2014           Vendor of the Year for Diageo
2013           Bronze Award for Remy VIP Cocktail Pack in "Gold Ink Awards"
2013           Pewter Award for Absolut Gift Carton in "Gold Ink Awards"
2013           2013 Amical  Award Product of the Year Award for Crown Royal Maple Finished Whiskey
2012           IOPP Ameristar Award
2012           Pewter Award for 1.75L Beefeater Cradle Holiday VAP in "Gold Ink Awards"
2012           Bronze Award for TYKU Ultra Premium Sake Carton in "Gold Ink Awards"
2012           Marketing Award for Unifoil with participation by Hub Folding Box which performed metallizing
                       and contract packaging services
2012           Gold Ink Award in Printing Impressions
2011           Diageo Supplier Award for Breakthrough Collaboration
2011           Sustainability Award
2011           Pewter Award for 2010 Wiser’s Canadian Whiskey
2011           Pewter Award for 2011 Stolichnaya 1L Holiday 2 Pack
2011           Pewter Award for 2011 Crown Royal Black “BIG BOI” Limited Edition Carton
2011           Pewter Award for 2010 IBAR Holiday “Instant Bar” Package
2011           Pewter Award for Kliklock Woodman and Hub Folding Box Enload Carton
2011           Pewter Award for Patron XO Café
2011           Printing Excellence Awards Competition Best of Show Honors for iBar 2010 Holiday “Instant Bar”
2011           Winners of the 2011 Massachusetts Family Business of the Year Awards Program
2010-2011 Best of Show for Hub Folding Box’s Stoli Gold PET VAP from Package Printing Excellence Awards Competition
2010           Silver Award for Media Kits in "Gold Ink Awards"
2010           Silver Award for Packaging in "Gold ink Awards"
2010           Pewter Award for Packaging in "Gold Ink Awards"
2010           2nd and 3rd place in Package Printing Awards
2009           1st Place Gift Carton Award for Pernod Ricard, USA, Production by Hub Folding Box Company
2009           Finalist for 2009 Massachusetts Business Award for Large Business more than 250 employees
2009           Product Competition Award Winners: Packaging Food and Beverage Marketing
2009           Not Just A  Pretty Face: A Toast to the Winner
2009           Marketing Award for Diageo’s Sambuca Romano Gift Set
2008-2009 Ameristar Package Awards and Recognition for Diageo
2007           Marketing Award for Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds designed and contract packaged by Hub Folding Box Company
2007           AIMCAL Vacuum metallized or coated product Competition Award for Excellence; Decorative Display Marketing
                       Grey Goose Vodka Gift set Bacardi USA
2004           Second Place Award for Unifoil’s Candie’s Packaging
2003           Peter Rigney Product of the Year Award for Forever Elizabeth fragrance